Enamored by Kuki | About

Mission Statement
My mission is to give every person a set of images they can be proud of. I believe that the camera can capture more than the physical self and hope my images help realize the beauty both outward and within.


Boudoir Photography
In photography, the term “boudoir” is used to describe a specific style of photo, usually involving more intimate pictures of a woman but always classy. I
t's a way to reveal and then capture the feminine beauty that it possesses. The amount of revealing is up to the client – anything that makes you feel beautiful and sexy. Wardrobe can consist of anything from your favorite dress, sweater, lingerie or simply draped in sheets. I encourage women of all ages, sizes and shapes to express themselves as the beautiful females we are.


The Photographer

Karolina "Kuki" Brandt lives in the western suburbs of Chicago, has obtained a degree in Applied Sciences, is working as a Registered Nurse and is enthusiastic about sharing the enamored affect of photography.


Aside from shooting Boudoir, I continue to shoot for families, individuals, and events. My photography was the usual mixture of landscapes, still life and family mug-shots up until recently when I discovered my passion for boudoir. I feel that this specialty is more than just eye-catching photographs it is about an investment in yourself, doing something that makes you feel good not only about how you look, but who you are and why its deserves to be celebrated. My goal with these photographs is to illuminate just how truly beautiful and unique you are. I am so honored to have the opportunity to share this incredibly fun, liberating and extraordinary experience with others.